Trileaves aims to provide empowering, transformative, creative learning environment that equips our learners with skills and knowledge to be leaders and change makers in the 21st century global community.

Learners at Trileaves engage in powerful learning experiences that inspire them to
  • Practice 21st century skills
  • Learn through collaboration
  • Make their own choices
  • Follow their passion
  • Lead with confidence
  • Create with conviction
  • Learn with belief
We thrive on fresh ideas to create compelling, engaging, interactive, vibrant and active learning experiences that motivates them to be
  • Creative thinkers
  • Ethical Change makers
  • Reflective learners
  • Problem solvers
  • Empathetic Citizens
  • Responsible decision makers


Our curriculum is backed by strong research and significant use of technology. It will constantly surprise them, test their limits and push them to think out of the box. Our lesson plans will integrate both sides of their brain by using active teaching methodologies in multiple dimensions.

Our Active Learning sessions are strongly supported by practice in real contexts.

We follow experiential learning through Montessori methods till senior Kindergarten and broad based international, competitive curriculum from grade 1 to grade 9. Parents will be able to choose either Cambridge or CBSE. We will have qualified, trained educators as well as separate infrastructure for both.


Ultimately, we aim to provide a successful, valuable and enjoyable learning experience for all of our students.


We aim to provide an environment that is dynamic; a space that can be constantly transformed. It will be a place that generates engagement and active learning, interspersed with reflective corners, collaborative huddle and performing spaces.

Air conditioned Day careavailable


Outdoor play


Education is more than just science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Content knowledge and intelligence alone are not sufficient to be successful human beings. We at Trileaves aim to develop a student into a balanced, wholesome and happy person with values and morals at the core of our curriculum. Every learner in our school will develop.

  • A sense of responsibility towards oneself and others
  • The ability to learn from mistakes and be accountable for the same.
  • To be aware and sensitive towards environment and all life on earth
  • Compassion to share and relate to the community
  • Strength, dignity and confidence at the time of hardship
  • Sensitivity to serve others
  • Spirit to experience life